Upon opening the Panty Hose, we didn't have to threaten or cajole or anything! Emily and Philip were happy to try out their new Christmas game.

Once earrings were out and glasses and hats were off, they donned their respective ends of the panty hose.

Emily had some hair obscuring her vision, but didn't seem bothered.

We paused for some pre-competition mugging.

On your mark, get set...


Emily took an early lead by immediately wrapping the panty hose around her head (not her neck, thank goodness).  

Philip was caught off guard, but soon recovered. By switching positions and somehow capturing the hose in his teeth, he gained the upper hand.

The fighting got more intimate as the contenders tried twists and turns to remove their opponent's panty hose.

Both put forth valiant efforts.

In the end, the contest was judged a draw. The panty hose didn't seem likely to budge, and the seam in the middle where the toes were sewn together was pulling apart. As we really didn't want either Philip or Emily to go flying backwards if it broke (crashing into the table, or worse, falling out of the window!) we called it.

Plus, of course, we were all laughing so hard, no one could see anyway.