[Blogger was acting up yesterday, which you may have noticed. It deleted this post, so I'm posting it again.]

Jiazi's only request for her Baptism Party (after I told her she had no choice on the menu) was that we play Bible Pictionary. So I went searching for Bible Pictionary cards. Turns out, they don't make that game anymore. But someone on the internet had gathered some of the words from the original game in case anyone wanted to make their own. Are you ready for this?

Baldhead, Nailprints, Twofold, Fourfold, Sevenfold, Sheepfold, Mespotamia, Talebearer, Bond-Servant, Aquila, Revelation, Cypress Tree, Myrtle Tree, Oak Tree, False Witness, Lillies of the Field, Stiffnecked, Persecute, Grape Cluster, Canaanites, Betroth, Raiment, Barbarous, Sepulchre, Consecrate, Wormwood, Temple Pinnacle, Bowl of Pottage, Outstretched, Gomorrah, Damascus, Pool of Siloam, Slow of Heart, Mount Hermon, Damnation, Inkhorn, Brood of Vipers, Babylonia, Lattice, Cold nor Hot, Pentateuch, Foal of a Donkey, Rye, Inlaid, Pillar of Salt, Eli, First Martyr, Widow's Mite, Spectacle, Sweet as Honey, Armholes, Fish Gate, Brimstone, Unknown Tongues, Aramaic, Alleluia, Coppersmith, Goldsmith, Silversmith, Golgotha, The True Vine, Cock Crowed [also Cock and Crowed have their own individual cards too], Time to Mend, Decline, Mephibosheth, Jochebed, Bar-Jesus, Jesus Calls Levi, Jesus Betrayed, Thief's Cross, Zebedee, Japheth, Batimaeus, Jairus' Daughter, meek, beatitudes...

I challenge you to draw me "Batimaeus" or "Pool of Siloam" or "Inlaid" or really any of those. How does one draw a language? Or better yet, unknown languages? And what is pottage? How do I draw a bowl of it that is distinguishable from a bowl of porridge? Or oatmeal? Or cereal?

Good grief. 

So instead, Jiazi and I made up our own cards and we played boys vs. girls and periodically flipped over to see if the election results were in. (They weren't.)

We were also very high tech and played on a tablet connected to the TV. I didn't have a flip chart lying around. 

The girls totally won. Even if Reuben disagrees.

Want to play? Here are a few screen shots I grabbed:

Amanda and I think you're doing a great job.