[Should we just move on? Or play catch up? And if we play catch up... should I backdate the posts so they show up in the order in which they occurred? Or would that be confusing? Or should I just post lots of little posts so that for the next week it looks like we're consistent bloggers? These are questions that plague me.]

Last Saturday was a big day: the Singaporean elections, Derby day, two days after Cinco de Mayo, and the two-week anniversary of our friend Jiazi's baptism. So we had a party. Here's the invitation:

Thursday is Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May) which is the anniversary of a Mexican army victory that the Americans commandeered as an excuse for Mexican food and margaritas. And Kyle and I feel that there's really nothing like stealing a holiday from one country and introducing it to another!

You knew this was really about burritos, didn't you? It was a small get together because lots of people were taking advantage of the national holiday to be out of town. But it was still good fun. We got to introduce two Chinese people and one Singaporean to burritos. Hooray.

Amanda demonstrates the fine art of salting the rim of a cup. To which Bingjun was all, wait, what? You stick salt on the edge of your cup? Then how do you drink without getting salt in your mouth?

How, indeed, Bingjun? How, indeed?

[I've decided to go with little posts. Less overwhelming for me, more overwhelming for you!]