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I headed East from California to Nashville to see more friends than was really reasonable in my short visit and to be entirely inconsistent in my photo taking. That is always the case, really.

Ashley, Meg, Mary Clark and Kara picked me up at the airport, and besides a frustrating computer thing, we spent the afternoon playing kitchen and dress up and talking. It was great. (I told Kyle about the computer issue later, and he said "Don't you have a flash drive in your bag?" and I said, "Please don't make useful suggestions 12 hours late. It just upsets me.")

I tried to take some pictures, but the girls were far more interested in moving than my shutter speed issues. Child photography is really a special skill. So here are just two:

Meg being adorable. 
MC also being adorable and Ashley looking freaking gorgeous.

I had dinner and spent the night with the Rosses and took not a single picture, which is extremely annoying because the boys are about three times the size they were the last time I saw them. 

The next day Jodi and Charlotte and the kids (Jodi's two and Charlotte's baby-to-be) picked me up and we spent all day Friday running around... to SATCO to fulfill Baby D's cheese dip craving:

to the sorority house to let the kids run around and be silly:

to a crafts fair in Centennial Park where we wandered for a bit and let Sophie smell the "flowers":

to baby stores that were having a sale to buy Baby D some pretty things for next year (it's a girl!), and finally to Arington Vineyards for a Calypso picnic, live music, and a wine tasting for Jodi and me.

Saturday Charlotte went to see other Nashville friends and Jodi, Chad and the kids drove me to Atlanta to meet Kyle. We learned several things on this car trip but the most important was probably that Sophie does, in fact, get car sick, poor thing.

As usual, it was far too fast, but really awesome at the same time.

[Besides the car sick part, of course.]