[...and South Carolina, and North Carolina. It was a 5 state trip.]

After I'd been in the US for a week, Kyle arrived and we continued our baby tour trip in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. As always, we got to see way more people than we photographed. Kyle's friends are particularly awesome at coming from wherever they are to see us when we're in town and we're so grateful.

We spent Saturday night with John and Caylee (Soo and baby-to-be were out of town). We had Sunday brunch with Brook. Then we headed to South Carolina to see 5/6 of the Wheelons and meet Wyatt. We spent Monday and Tuesday with family and got to see JP, his daughter Skylar, and meet his wife, Lauren (they're expecting twins!). Wednesday morning we had lunch with Ryan before heading to North Carolina to meet Cohen and spend the night with Josh and Cristen. On the way home we met Ryan to visit Brandon and meet his wife, Nicole. Friday Jake, Chris and Amber came in to see us and we all got together to watch baseball. Saturday I got back on a plane and Kyle stayed put. It was a lot packed into a great visit. Now for some pictures! (Not pictured: lots of people. Adults, mostly.)

Caylee, John, and Kyle
Marie loving on Wyatt. (He was a much calmer photo subject than his sisters.)

Lauren, Skylar and JP

Family portraits.

Us paparazzi-ing Cohen with a weird guy in the background.

Kyle's favorite part. Miles logged: 1567