On Sunday, Germaine organized (i.e. provided the kick to our collective behinds) a trip to the Tanjong Pagar (soft J, hard G) rail station before it's closed at the end of June. It was an eating/photography trip, which is really what most of our trips are.

The train station is owned and operated by the Malaysian rail company and is technically Malaysian land. Thanks to a disagreement between Singapore and Malaysia, if you're taking the train to Malaysia from Tanjong Pagar you go through customs and enter Malaysia here, even though you don't technically leave Singapore for several more miles at the actual border.

Travelers lined up for immigration on one side of the tracks. Lots of people having lunch on the other side.
The Malaysian flags make it abundantly clear that you are technically entering another country at this point.
The two countries have finally agreed to have all immigration done at one point at the border, and Singapore traded some other land for this old train station in the heart of the city. It will close in June, and after that there's talk of preserving the old building while moving new businesses in.

Not pictured: me (duh) and Ruth and Kelvin (who weren't there yet)
It was a good time to eat lots of Malaysian-style mee goreng, donuts, and prata and snapped pictures before this all changes.  
Customs inside the station.
Mosaics inside the station.
Amanda sets up her shot. (Pic stolen from G's facebook.)

I set up my shot and Kyle makes sure I don't fall onto the rails.(Again, stolen from G's facebook.)
Mee goreng.