Another kitchen experiment while Kyle was gone was pops. I wanted him to have a little present when he got home since we were only going to overlap by an hour or so. We'd been looking for good icy treats for a while--something with recognizable ingredients that didn't taste like fake sugar and I wasn't having a ton of luck. So when I saw two pops recipe books at the library, I decided to make some myself.

I made three varieties: mango with ginger, Mexican chocolate, and coconut with a dash of cinnamon. There were lots of yummy-sounding fruit varieties involving strawberries and raspberries but I can't find either of those easily (or affordably) in Singapore.

The mango pops are made from mangoes blended with a ginger syrup. Very fruity. One of Kyle's favorites.

The Mexican chocolate pops had chocolate, brown sugar, cinnamon and a hint of pepper melted together. Kyle's other favorite.

The coconut pops were shredded coconut, coconut milk, whipped cream, and cinnamon. These are less sweet and thus my favorite.

I don't have pop molds, though there are a lot for sale on Amazon right now. I used mini paper cups, like the tiny Dixie cups you may have in your bathroom, and plastic cocktail picks. They worked really well.

It's nice to have a little homemade treat in the freezer.