We arrived in Singapore on June 4th, 2009, although we didn't move into our own apartment until July 1, and I did not start work until July 15th.  I don't recall if we did anything special to commemorate our 1 year anniversary in Singapore, but after Alli returned from her China trip, we decided it was about time for date night.

We racked our brains (very briefly) before deciding that a trip to the French Stall in Little India would fill the bill.  Fitting because a) we came here on our very first trip to Singapore, in 2007!  and b) you may recall this was part of a birthday present for Alli, right after we arrived, in 2009.

We had a great dinner, and this time, failed to photograph any of our food.  But here we are:

Happy (roughly) 2 year anniversary in Singapore, Kyle and Alli!!