Well it's August 31... Are you ready for an update?

The good news is that my right bicep is looking great! Completely room temperature and everything.

The bad news is that apparently banning myself from the kitchen was not going to thwart the Disorder this month.  

Back in Siquijor, the first full day we were in the Philippines, we had a little slip involving a steep hill, some gravel, and our little motorbike. It wasn't a big deal--we were practically standing still when it happened--but it did result in a bit more leg/exhaust pipe contact than is really ideal. As soon as it happened, a very kind Filipino couple stopped to check on us to make sure we were ok and the bike was ok (I was far more concerned with the bike than my leg because the bike was rented!). We didn't have anything to cover up the burn, so the girl found some leaves that she called "medicine" and crushed them and squeezed the juice on my knee. It worked amazingly well, actually.

The incident obviously didn't slow us down at all (we still went diving and waterfall hiking and more while we were there, including more motorbikes), but our pride has been a little sore this month. But now that we have a nice "after" picture, we feel better about it. It looks totally fine and feels even better.

But still... this is getting weird.

August 2007: Right bicep (hot oil)
August 2009: Right bicep (hot pan)
August 2011: Right leg (hot exhaust pipe)

(And it should be noted that those are the only three times I've burned myself ever. I'm not pulling out a pattern from a long list of options.) 

So August 2013... I spend the month in Iceland? That's cool. I've never been to Iceland. :)