If you watched our anniversary video (that which we put some effort into, so if you saw it, but didn't click play... maybe you should...)- you may have noticed in the last few pictures a couple of unrecognizable ones including one with 2 glasses of wine and some popcorn.  This is what we decided to do for an unorthodox but uniquely Singaporean 5 year anniversary night.

This, my friends, is the GV Gold Class movie experience.  That's right, some go out to fancy dinners, plan vacations, or, you know, shower their brides with jewelry.  Not us, we went to see a movie.

But it's not just any movie theatre.  It holds just 24 patrons, each in pairs of fully reclining la-z-boy style seats with provided blankets, full dinner menus including alcohol and dessert, and a call button for someone to quickly ask what else you might need.  It's the high life.

Of course we have not been there in 2 years living here, not because we'd not heard of it, but because it's kind of crazy expensive compared to just going to see a normal movie.  But if a 5 year anniversary isn't the right time, I don't know what is.  So we hustled over after work Friday for a 6:30 p.m. showing of Horrible Bosses, pre-ordered a cheese plate, bread with various hummus and pesto type dips, gold chicken wings, popcorn, and 2 glasses of red wine.

Then we took our seats in the theatre, and within a few minutes the food started coming in.  There is a smallish oval table placed in the middle in front of the recliners to hold food and drinks (as you can see).  It's not exactly conducive to ordering the steak dinner, as you'd still need to transfer that to your lap, cut, and pay some attention to the film, presumably.  But it's pretty cool to have a cheese plate (quite good cheese, about the best cheese plate we've had anywhere in Singapore) and wine, all while really lounging back in your recliner.  I think if we were ever to do it again we'd be a bit more simple with the food- cheese plate and wine is a good place to be.

The options for films are pretty limited, just four to choose from at a time.  Horrible Bosses is not likely something we'd have gone to see in the theatre otherwise, but we decided we either go see this or we have to find something else to do on our anniversary...  The language is pretty vulgar, but there is some very good humor if that doesn't put you off too much.  But we enjoyed the environment and after the film was over, instead of the usual leap to your feet and move on to the next thing, we just stayed and watched every last credit.

If we could only see every movie in this theatre...