After work, shooting, lunch, and Haw Par Villa, our last stop for the day was to the Botanic Gardens to watch the lunar eclipse. The new Circle Line Botanic Gardens stop is right by the garden entrance and right across the street from one of our favorite delis and a grocery store. So when we arrived, we bought yummy crusty bread, Camembert, grilled veggies, and drinks and found a cozy spot in the Botanic Gardens to picnic and wait for the eclipse.

In Singapore, the full eclipse lasted from 7:30 to about 1:30 am, though there was really very little to see at the beginning.

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 7:33:32 pm in Singapore on Saturday night
Partial Eclipse Begins: 8:45:42 pm
Total Eclipse Begins: 10:06:16 pm
Greatest Eclipse: 10:31:49 pm
Total Eclipse Ends: 10:57:24 pm
Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:17:58 am
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 1:30:00 am Sunday morning

We stayed until about 11 (the Botanic Gardens close at midnight), and then we headed home because it had been a long day. So we saw all of the total eclipse, but didn't see the "back side" of the eclipse.

I brought our zoom lens, but sadly not a tripod (because we don't have one). Out battery was also dying, which meant we were a bit more stingy with the pictures than I wish we'd been. I was really wishing for a tripod and full battery to do a time lapse series, but we had a great evening and we got some decent shots anyway.

That picture of the full moon was taken at 8:43, so right before the partial eclipse began. No idea what we did differently that time (or which one of us took it), but it was definitely the sweet spot as far as camera shake went. We're pretty proud of that one.

We then waited to take more pictures until the eclipse was well underway (saving battery life), and took more as we got closer to the total eclipse.

These times were 8:43, 10:03, 10:19, 10:28, and 10:39.

Kyle also tried his luck with the iPhone: 

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As handy as the iPhone pocket camera is sometimes, we do really love our big camera.