Kyle has been running a set of experiments that needs 7-days-a-week care, and it's made for a really busy past couple of months. I'd say he's averaging about 65 hours/week. Any weekend plans we make need to be arranged around work, church, and usually a soccer game. It doesn't leave a ton of time for blog-worthy pursuits.

However, Saturday he went in to the lab early because we had plans at noon: a couple of dozen rounds at the Singapore Gun Club.

Picture from Xu Peng
His colleagues suggested this a month ago probably and a group of seven of us went. The club is actually older than the independent country, having been founded in 1950 (the country gained sovereignty in 1965). It's located in the West, understandably away from anything too crowded. The club has several ranges: clay target ranges, down-the-line and sporting clay ranges, rifle and pistol ranges. We shot Olympic Trap at the shotgun range.

On the way there, one of Kyle's colleagues asked me if I'd ever held a gun before. Which was funny. But I haven't actually ever shot moving targets, and I learned a fair amount in our briefing before going to the range. For instance, I now know the difference between trap (a clay target moving away from you) and skeet (a clay target moving toward you or perpendicular to you).

The launcher (I'm sure there's a more correct name for that) sends bright orange painted targets out of the green metal box toward the pile of broken targets on the hill. A stack of targets sitting on top of the launcher helped us know where to look for the targets (I'm assuming that is a beginner's concession). We stood behind the launcher another 25 yards or so. When it was our turn, we loaded our 12-gauge and said "Pull" to call for a target.

We each shot a box of shells and we took turns down the line, so we spent an hour or so shooting. I wasn't terribly good at following with the gun. My dad is going to be so disappointed.

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Picture from Xu Peng
Me shooting my last round (I missed) and Kyle looking a bit concerned. 

Kyle was better than me. The targets were launched fairly low, so I always expected to have more rise (i.e. more time) than I actually got, which means I shot above the target a fair amount. Except of course the one time I actually shot the launcher. Oops.

I don't think we'll be competing any time soon, but it was fun. Now that we've had the training session and initial experience, I think we can go back and rent a gun and buy a box of shells fairly easily.