(Late with this, sorry!)

This was our third Thanksgiving in Singapore. The first we celebrated at the American Club as the guests of dear friends who have now moved away. Last year, we were 100% traditional and celebrated on Thursday at home with our Singaporean friends. But this year I acknowledged the fact that everyone (but me) had to work on Friday, so we had it Friday night. People still had to come from work, but at least they could sleep off the turkey coma on Saturday morning.

Some of our friends have been asking about Thanksgiving since around June. There's nothing like several month's worth of anticipation to a) make you feel good about last year's event and b) set the bar dangerously high.

However, once again it went really well. We had 25 guests and a baby--including some Americans!--and I think the Singaporeans have even learned something about Thanksgiving. We had a LOT less left over this year. I think they were prepared.

We are so very grateful for the community we have in Singapore. We have such dear friends here, it is a blessing to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

(All photos by Amanda! She rocks and I am not good at photographing+hosting together.)

There was lots of talking and eating, of course. And thankfully our friends are cool with sitting on the floor around the coffee table! And eating off paper plates.

In the background: Kyle and me. We were there!

Our most popular guest: brand new Baby Nate! Tee (standing) is in his pediatric residency and Eddy (holding) is expecting his first child in January. They were practicing. :)