Marina Barrage is the dam built across the mouth of Marina Channel. The area inside of the dam makes the largest water catchment in Singapore. (Remember, water is a big deal here.) Beyond the Barrage is the ocean; inside is fresh water fed by a river and rainwater. The Barrage was commissioned in November 2010 and now meets about 10% of the country's water demands and helps with flood control in Chinatown and other areas.

Attached to the dam is an exhibit space, restaurants, and rental facilities for the water sports on the reservoir. The roof of this structure is green and has become a favorite spot for picnics and kite flying. It was on this green roof that we spent a Saturday at the end of March eating (always!), playing, and enjoying fellowship with our Singapore small group.

A picture from the internet, showing the dam to the left and the green roof of Marina Barrage.
We've mentioned before how blessed we've been with our small group in Singapore. Our friends here are such a huge part of our lives (especially mine, because I don't have colleagues here) and we are so grateful for them.

We watched the kites, the boys played soccer and Frisbee, we enjoyed some music, and we chatted.

Photo by Grace
Photo by Grace

Once it got dark, Bryan and Kris busted out the sparklers they'd brought. Bryan set up his camera and tripod (all the following pictures are his) and we played with sparklers and light writing a bit...

 ... but then realized that the light of an iPhone was much more consistent and less of a fire hazard.
Light saber wars! And Singapore's pretty skyline.

 Then we played with shutter speed for a while. 

As usual, a great time with great friends.

H for Hamish!