This is fish head curry.  It is a Singapore special, and for some reason, it took us 3 years to give it a try.  Well, okay, we had some at Chinese new year, but not quite the same way as this one, served at the Banana Leaf Apolo.

Looks good, right?

I ate that fish's eyeball.
My wife still smiled at me.  She was trying not to look at the fish's eye socket.  So I'll show you instead:

Hah! gross, right? Look, it's some kind of delicacy.  Anthony Bourdain did it.  Or maybe it was Andrew Zimmern.  If you're gonna order the fish head curry, you have to eat the eyeball.  Unless you're 7.5 months pregnant.  You get an exemption from this rule then.  Is anybody still reading?  One person? okay, you want to know how it tasted.  Well, I found it disappointing.  I thought it was supposed to be juicy, but it was much meatier than I expected, and just kinda blandly fishy.

Next time I'll probably just get the chicken tikka...