Hamish at 31+ weeks

Well, according to the lady at the juice stall anyway.

Some of our small group went to our local hawker center for Easter lunch today (nothing says He is Risen like banana prata and chicken mee hoon) and while Kyle saved seats for the whole group, I went to get lime juice and ginger tea for the two of us. After I ordered the lime juice, the drink stall lady said, "It's a boy, is it?"

I answered, "Surprise, actually. We're happy either way." She shook her head. "It's a boy."

"How can you tell?" She came over and felt the belly. "Definitely a boy. You should drink lots of coconut."


"Coconut makes the baby turn head down. You're trying natural, right? No caesarean?"

"Um, well, yes, no caesarean hopefully."

"Lots of coconut. It opens things up. Makes the baby turn head down. My son is 30 now. I'm 60. My mother-in-law taught me. Now I'm telling you."

She handed me my lime juice--I confirmed that it actually was lime juice and she hadn't taken the initiative to fix me coconut instead--and I thanked her.

We were hoping to be surprised, but now I guess we know. Hamish is a boy. And I should be drinking more coconut.