We've been in the US a month today. Whew. And we've spent pretty much that whole time showing off this baby. So here's the repatriation according to Hamish...

First we went to South Carolina and met Mimi, Grumpa, Auntie Kenda, and lots of other adoring fans.

I learned that I [oddly] like to be upside down. Also, Daddy is funny. Then we moved into a white car. It's a nice car... but seriously? It's a car.

Then it was off to Mississippi to meet Honey, Unnamed Grampa, Nana, Uncle J, Aunt K, and my cousin MK, who is about 7 months older than me.

My grandmother, my great-grandmother, my mommy and me.

MK has great toys and we played together for a while. Daddy kept catching MK. I think he didn't want me to hurt her.

Then MK had her big girl dinner. Milk must be much better than whatever she's eating.

Then it was off to Tennessee. I hung out with Jennifer and the boys when Mommy and Daddy went to a football game. I was very diplomatic and pulled for both teams.

We saw lots of other friends in Nashville, but apparently Mommy got tired of taking pictures. Hmph. I bet she regrets that now. Also there was a party, but I'll have to tell you about that later.

And now, finally, we are in our September/October home. I don't know what happens after October. They aren't telling me. But I am happy to be resting.