I'm very late with this one (I've back-dated it), but some dear friends--Ashley, Jodi, and Charlotte (and most of their kids)--threw us a lovely Sip and See for Hamish when we'd been back in the US for about a month. The theme was "Welcome to the World" and the details were amazing.

The invitation (which I don't have with me to snap a picture of right now) was adorable. It was "stamped" with passport stamps representing all of the places Hamish traveled in utero. 

At the party, they decorated with a collection of globes, old suitcases, and maps. They went through the blog, and printed out "postcards" made from our photos, with scalloped edges. It was very fitting.

The food was awesome and I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the cookies iced with little globes with Hamish's initial! They were adorable (and yummy).

And of course the best part were all the friends who came to meet Hamish. Plus she got so very cute goodies--and I had lots of help with the unwrapping.

Sorry the official blog thanks was late, but we loved it. Y'all are the best!