After I stripped the wallpaper on a whim, this little room has been mostly neglected. As a reminder, here's what we started with before the new floors and before the stripped wallpaper.

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Unfortunately I can't find an old shot straight on of the vanity. I am an inefficient blogger. But imagine: two brass and painted milk glass sconces flanked the mirror, one with a broken glass shade. The vanity top had a backsplash piece on the right of the sink along the wall. And you can see the wood finish of the vanity.

Eventually this whole bathroom might be replaced--Kyle feels like both the toilet and the vanity are low--but not any time soon. So a little paint and new lighting can go a long way.

First, Kyle replaced the broken light fixtures with simple chrome sconces from Home Depot. It's amazing how a non-bare bulb classes up the joint, and the light is much whiter and cleaner.

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Next, while Dad was here I talked him into helping me remove the side backsplash piece and dig out all the old caulk which was cracking and gapping. This little vanity is small, and the side piece was taking up space for no good reason.

Finally, we painted the vanity navy and I polished up the hardware a bit.

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I love the result. It just looks so much fresher and cleaner and less busy.

Now I just need to do a second round of wall-washing. After one session, there's still wallpaper paste clinging in some places. Then we can get the walls painted and it will start to really look nice in here!