January 20:
Hamish: Fauntleroy, if you burp from your bottom, I will say, 'Excuse you, Fauntleroy'. Okay?

January 20:
(After attending Mo Willems' play, "Elephant and Piggie: We Are In A Play!")
Hamish: Mama, I am Piggie, and he [Kyle] is Gerald... I don't know who you are in this game. Fauntleroy is Chunka Monka.

January 12:
Kyle: Did you go to a birthday where someone was dressed up as a mermaid?
Hamish: I did go to a birthday with mermaids.
Kyle: Ok, whose party was it?
Hamish: When I was born in Singapore and my house was in Singapore I went to a birthday party with mermaids!
Kyle: Are you talking about Merlions?
Hamish: Yes! I AM talking about Merlions!

January 2: 
I'm going to take my shoes off because I'm home. Then my feet will be naked-baby! And all y'all can see my purple toes. Does that sound like a fun plan?

January 2:
Hamish: Daddy...
Me: Daddy is upstairs, honey.
Hamish: But I want my best friend! Daddy is my best friend!

December 31:
(Overheard at Ashley's house)
MC: Hamish, if you want more wine you just have to ask. But don't say "wine". Say, "Please may I have more grape juice."