We were introduced to Fancy Nancy Clancy when Margery came to visit last August, just a week or so before The Manimal joined us. Hamish had never read a Fancy Nancy book, and she was hooked! Nancy likes fancy things, particularly words, and so every Fancy Nancy book is a vocabulary builder. And she's also all about bows and ruffles and lace and tea parties and all things innocently sweet and girly. I was not sure at first, but I'm a fan now.

I joined the mailing list for the Nashville Children's Theater after Piggie & Elephant, and when I saw that Fancy Nancy the Musical was coming for one day and that there would be a Parfait Party (that's fancy for ice cream!) afterward, I jumped on the tickets. Meg and Mary Clark have been Nancy fans as well. We have a story book, but she grows into chapter books too. In fact, they gave us our hand-me-down Nancy costume. So we made it a Fancy Girls' Day.

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Ashley had gotten the girls matching dresses a while back, and this was a perfect opportunity to wear them. Matching monogrammed dresses are fancy. Meg was only disappointed that Hamish's sandals were white, and not gold like theirs. I'm not sure how fancy Ashley and I were, but we had three very excited girls on our hands.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The musical was very cute and well done. Hamish asked a lot of questions in her stage whisper, but her attention was glued to the show the whole time. And no one shot me dirty looks afterward, so I guess it was ok. 

At the Parfait Party we got ice cream sundaes (Hamish got chocolate with gummy bears), chocolate-covered strawberries, and Italian sodas.

Since Ashley and I have been being fancy together since we were born, it is so much fun to have our girls do things like this together.

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