Kyle posted a call for captions on a Facebook picture of the Manimal. People are funny.

Bev: Mom - did you want just one of these? or two?

Sharon: Stop trying to get a peak at my password dad!

Sarah: Oh just throwing together my resume for future employers...

Ruthie: I'd like my coffee with cream and no sugar. And where's my Wall Street Journal?

Kate: Mom!! I'll clean my room after I accept the Pulitzer Prize.

Meredith: One more step, mom, and I'm clicking "confirm payment" on this new toy I found at Toys R Us!

Bryan: What's the address for Amazon-dot-com? I wanna get those awesome beef jerkies.

Raghav: 7 habits of highly successful toddlers

Nana: Mimi said I could!


Raghav: Mama look - I can surf without getting my feet wet!

Germaine: This baby went on the internet. You won't believe what happens next.

Alli: Ctrl + Z, Dad. I've shown you this a million times.

Germaine: One weird trick for growing chubby arms that will blow your mind

Alli: One weird trick for growing telescoping arms! Never need a step stool again!

Tom: Yeah, I'm pretty big on Twitter.