Summer is birthday season around here and we celebrated America's birthday just the four of us this year. It's been a full spring and early summer, so we needed a low key, long weekend, and thankfully that's what we got.

Friday, July 3, I was off, so we made the most of the day. We started our morning with blueberry pancakes, then played while the Manimal napped. Once he was up, we packed up and headed to the zoo. Hamish and I wore matching hats and got to pose for photos with a lazy kangaroo! 

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We ate lunch at the zoo, then headed home for naps. Miraculously, they aligned, and Kyle and I visited with the Rosses while both slept. It's so nice when that happens.

When everyone woke up, we headed back out. Our destination was Cumberland Park on the river, but it was closed because of the soccer game and the July 4th weekend festivities.

We settled for a walk on the pedestrian bridge so we could peek into LP Stadium and watch highlights of the US v Guatamala game on the Jumbotron and hear live music coming from the mainstage on Broadway.

From the bridge, we realized that the elevator that goes down to Cumberland Park was still working. So even though the park was "closed" we headed down anyway, and got ourselves a private spot on a catwalk over the river to listen to the music and enjoy the amazing weather.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We left as it was getting late (for us) and were pushing our luck since no one had had dinner. We crossed our fingers and grabbed a seat at a restaurant near where we parked and ended up having a wonderfully relaxed dinner. Hamish and the Manimal ate their food and read books from the diaper bag and charmed everyone around  us. We got home and tucked two gloriously tired and cooperative babies into bed. Amazing!

On the 4th, we had a picnic breakfast outside, and the kids and I stayed and played in the sandbox while Kyle went to play soccer. During the Manimal's nap, Hamish got to paint outside in the lovely weather, and went down for her own quick nap before our July 4th BBQ with some coworkers.

Hamish wore her "Coming to America" dress--now as a cute swing top. She was cheesing it up too much for a good photo--which I regret. But just look at three years. I think it's going to kill me next year when this won't fit.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It was a wonderful holiday weekend. Maybe next year we'll stay up late enough to watch fireworks.