The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Our past few weeks have been not at all what we planned, but even though we didn't get to celebrate Independence Day in the Ecuadorean jungle as we'd hoped, we still had a great weekend. 

Jonathan and his family have had their camper parked at Chickasaw State Park for a little over a week, so we used the camp as home base for July 2-4. We spent some of each day at the rehab hospital with Dad, and we spent the nights at Dad's house, but we filled the rest of our time with camping fun. 

Chickasaw State Park is a "resort-style" park, a ranger told us, and there is so much to do. There was a great playground right next to our campsite with swings, a sandbox, and plenty of good concrete for chalk and bike riding. The four oldest had a ball while the adults and Lovie visited.

On Sunday night the rangers organized a kickball game and everyone was invited. Our four big+medium kids were little more than cute obstacles to the game, but they were in heaven. They each got to kick and run the bases. I ran with the Manimal and he laughed the entire time, so overcome with joy. He was wearing a monogrammed outfit, so he enjoyed the added bonus of having everyone cheer for him by name. 

Toward the end of the game, MK and Hamish actually attempted some fielding. Hamish chased a foul ball and got to toss it back to the pitcher. They are still talking about the game! 

On Monday morning we all met in Dad's room: 4 adults, 5 kids under 5, and Gracie the dog. It was a bit of a zoo. Then we headed back to camp for lunch, more playing, some fishing, and a big grilled-kabob supper. Nana joined us for most of Monday. 

Monday night there was another kickball game scheduled, but the adults had requested an adults-only game. No one wanted to be "that guy" who knocked over a child with the ball. The kids were disappointed, but watched their dads play and then moved on to the playground. 

Play was spirited, but no one was dressed for competition. Several people were playing in cowboy hats, some in boots, some barefoot. Kyle kicked the ball so hard his shoe flew into the dugout (and was caught by a teammate). Jonathan caught a slick spot by second base and executed an unnecessary slide. 

At the end of the night a few of the horse campers rode their horses over to the exercise ring, and Kathryn took all the girls to go watch. When the rain started, we all ran back to our cars and headed back. 

On the morning of the 4th we again met at Dad's rehab room before heading home. We were happy to get home to naps and baths Tuesday afternoon. We spent the night of the fourth with a very low key evening at our neighbors. Pizza, puzzles, lots of snacks, and fireworks on TV. It was just about right.