Our Manimal is three!

You are scrumptious and we love to eat you up. You asked Daddy once if he'd eaten you all up. When he said yes, you burst into tears.

You conquered your fear of bounce houses just in time for your birthday. Now, you explain, you are "brave of bounce houses."

You are "brave of" most everything, especially water. You'll jump in with no fear or hesitation. You love music: singing, playing the piano, dancing, or drumming most of the time. Bek, Nowie and Cubbie are still your best bed friends. If you're hurt or upset you'll just as likely to turn one of them for comfort as one of us. In fact, once you accidentally poked me and quickly jumped up to get me Bek so I would feel better.

When you're in the mood, you are wonderfully independent. You happily entertain yourself with your magnet blocks and trains, playing in the sandbox and playhouse, or pretending with Nowie and Cubbie. Until we finally took your doorknob cover off, you'd wake up early and cheerfully sing and chat with your babies or lay on your bed and drum a beat on the wall with your feet until your light came on and it was time to wake up.

Now that your doorknob cover is off, you're more likely to wake up at 5am to go potty, and never quite make it back to bed.

You adore your "Sissy" and copy everything she does; you are best friends. You miss her so much now that she has started kindergarten, but a couple of weeks in and you're getting used to one-on-one time with Daddy and really enjoying it. But as soon as she's home, you are busy telling her all your things (usually when she's also telling her things). "Sissy! Sissy, I need to tell you something!"

You are very opinionated about your clothes and your shoes, more than Sissy, certainly. You love your Blue Batman shirt, your rain boots, and your striped "conductor" hat. You prefer anything soft. There's a too-small striped long sleeved shirt that is a current favorite. Your little belly hangs out, but you dig it out of the laundry to wear because it is so soft.

Speaking of belly, yours is disappearing by the day. Hard to imagine considering all you eat, but your shape is becoming more little boy and less baby by the minute (your new short haircut did not help AT ALL!) You still have slight mid-forearm creases, but those are stretching out each day.

At night, when we tuck you in, you love to request bedtime songs. We've long ago left any published collection. Now you ask each night for some original composition, "with a tiny cow and a big chicken and a stick to jump over" or maybe "Cubbie and Cheetah and Bek and an airplane and a big stick" or perhaps "a boy that went to the park and he found a ball and Cubbie liked the ball and also he ate a popsicle." Then often we need to do a tiny kiss, then a big kiss: MWAH!

For your birthday--a school day for Sissy--Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jeff came to dinner and brought brownies and a birthday book: If You Give A Mouse A Brownie. You adore Aunt Jenn, Uncle Jeff, brownies, and the "If You Give A Mouse..." books. You were a happy boy.

We opened family presents and ate birthday cake the night before: more magnets, a baseball bat and balls, books, and Paw Patrol bandaids. You may have been most excited about the bandaids. As soon as you opened them you dropped to your knees, hopped up, and wailed about your boo-boos that needed bandaids. You got one for each leg immediately. We are somewhat rationing the rest.

We spent your celebration day at the Williamson County Fair. You petted the goats, looked at the baby pigs, farmed, watched a show, built a birdhouse, and we all rode the Ferris wheel. The last time
we went to the fair, you were just days away from joining us.

Life really is so much better with you here.

We love you, Bug.