If nothing else, the murder mystery dinner party was an excuse for a really great dinner together. The menu included:

To start:
Cold Cucumber and Yogurt Soup
For dinner:
Mango Cucumber Salad with Soy Ginger Dressing
Artichoke-Stuffed Chicken Breasts (from David & Jamie, grilled by Kyle)
Beer Risotto (from Philip & Emily)
Homemade Blueberry Pie (from Ben & Ruthie)
Brownies with a Berry Sauce (from Josh & Cristen)
Cheese Plate with Olives, Sangria and Ice Water

Clearly, Kyle and I did NOT make all of this. Basically, we made the things with cucumbers.

Last week we got 20 small salad cukes with our farm share and we could have gotten more. At first we were a little concerned about what we'd do with all of those cucumbers, but we put a huge dent in our supply last night. Kyle's even a little sad that they're mostly gone.

The soup was the biggest use of cucumbers: 12. I made the cold cucumber and yogurt soup from the New England Soup Factory cookbook. The recipe called for the long and skinny English cucumbers, and I used about one and a half of our short fat ones for each English. Along with the cucumbers, the soup featured Vidalia onions, half sour pickles, and chives. Next time I'll reign in the chives a bit; I doubled the recipe and probably didn't need to double the chives. I think they overpowered the pickles, cumin, and other flavors.

The salad was a variation on the mango and shredded chicken lettuce wraps we made before. We left out the chicken and served everything together as a salad. The mangoes were great, and it was a wonderful excuse to make that dressing again. Plus it called for cucumbers and lettuce, two things that we have in abundance. I used three or four cucumbers chopped into chunky matchsticks, and maybe both heads of lettuce plus some fresh from our neighbor's garden plot.