Last night I made up for (some) of my cooking reticence while Kyle was at soccer, and I used a fair amount of food in the process.

For dinner, I made pasta with a meat and veggie sauce featuring ground beef from our meat share, sliced zucchini, basil, garlic scapes, and mushrooms (dried, Costco bought) in a jarred tomato sauce base. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was good and we both had it with a salad again for lunch today (salad with cucumbers!) and I froze a quart-sized bag for later.

packaged meat from the meat share

For the weekend, I made carrot top soup, which has become a favorite of ours. You need a bunch of carrots with the tops attached, leeks, dill, a little rice and chicken stock. The tops of carrots, cleaned and chopped, have a great light carrot flavor. I used three leeks (store bought), eight cups of broth, and a half a cup of rice to bulk it up a bit.

all the goodness before I added broth and rice

We ate kale, sauteed with garlic and onions, the other night with chicken strips and BBQ sauce. The kale surely redeemed the chicken and BBQ sauce, right? As for the blueberries, Kyle made some fantastic blueberry pancakes last weekend and I made a blueberry cobbler this weekend that we snacked on for breakfast.

That leaves us with just the beets from Week 5, and a box to unload from Week 6.