I am done with saying goodbye to people I like. No. One. Else. Leaves. Ok?

We had a great dinner with Dawn and Brian and Olivia tonight. It was a farm share feast with roasted chicken, steamed green beans, corn, yummy mashed potatoes, and blueberry cobbler. We are leaving tomorrow for the Big Wedding, and we had to finish everything that was really perishable. Dawn and Brian were good help. Olivia did nothing but distract us from our mission with cuteness.And she is so big! (I know, Newsflash: Babies Grow, but still. Wow.) For comparison's sake, here she is with Kyle and Brian in April.

What a wee little sleepy thing!

And to think, she isn't even packing away plates of this:
Blueberry cobbler (reminiscent of "Cuppa, Cuppa, Cuppa") served with vanilla ice cream ("to cut the sweetness.") Yum.