Well we got back from the Big Wedding late Sunday night to a fridge full of veggies thanks to our neighbors who picked up our share for us. Since everything was already packed away, we don't have a full spread photo, but we know we got:

carrots (heirloom, I think, they're a range of shades of orange)
3 small tomatoes
a different variety of eggplant (more round and a paler shade of purple)
1 cucumber
2 bell peppers (heirloom as well, they're pale yellow)
5 ears of corn
1 pint of blueberries
3 peaches (yum!!)
and one very small head of cabbage

We told our neighbors to help themselves since they had to go pick everything up, and we're not sure what (if anything) they took except maybe a handful of blueberries.

We haven't made great work of this.

Monday: Lentils and rice with chard
Tuesday: a simple corn bake (that was yummy), yogurt chicken legs, and blueberry cobbler
Wednesday: grilled eggplant (yum again), left over chicken, and sauteed radishes and squash (very good and not bitter at all like last time).
Thursday: um... I'm open to ideas!