As I said in the last post (a week ago) we left on Thursday for Kyle's high school reunion and to see family. We had a really great time and didn't end up spending the night in any airports! Which is now apparently my indicator of a successful trip.

While we were gone Charles picked up veggies for us and when we got back we were temporarily internet-free at home. Hmph. So I have some catching up to do.

First: week 18
eggplant (two of these pictured are from last week, I think, the rest are new)
lots of peppers (both hot and sweet)
pea tendrils again
winter squash

I'm not sure yet what to do with the kohlrabi and the celeriac. Kohlrabi (far left) is a cultivar of cabbage, Wikipedia tells me. It's similar to the stem of broccoli or the heart of cabbage and can be eaten raw or cooked. It's also apparently the most commonly eaten vegetable in Kashmir. Well then. Also, there are only 8 kohlrabi recipes on all of Epicurious.

There was a whole Good Eats episode on celery and celeriac, or celery root (ugly thing, second from left). I need to check there. I think he mashed it sort of like potatoes. Celeriac does better on Epicurious with 55 options.

And of course there's the pea tendril thing to try again. It's late in the year and our shares are definitely getting smaller, but it's nice that we're still getting some cool new things to experiment with.

Not pictured from this week: kale. Yum. We brought that to a potluck dinner on Monday with friends and I didn't take this picture until Tuesday.