I left my camera at the last wedding, so I'm a little short on pictures. But just to wrap up the week:

Monday: Steak from the meat share cooked my Dad's way with sauteed bok choy. It was a "Delmonico steak" which, according to Wikipedia, can refer to 8+ cuts of steak. Helpful. Ours was good, but not quite as good for this preparation as tenderloin.

Tuesday: lamb chops and sauteed pea tendrils. Kyle really wanted to try the pea tendrils, but we weren't sure what to do with them. He read a recipe somewhere online for sauteed tendrils, and decided to go with this simple preparation. However, in the meantime we lost internet connectivity at home, (Augh! But Kyle fixed it. He is my hero.) so when he actually prepared the tendrils, he went from memory. His memory was that you just wash 'em, cut 'em up, and, well, saute them. He added some garlic and olive oil. When things weren't getting so tender so quickly, he added some water and a lid. 30-45 minutes later when things were still not tender he gave up. Some parts were good and some parts were way too tough (think tree branches), but I'm not 100% clear on where that line was. Pea tendrils have not been mastered.

Lunches/snacks: a salad with chopped apples and walnuts, leftover soup, more apples, etc.

Wednesday: Dinner out with friends, which was nice.

Thursday: another flight, so airport food again! Whoo hoo. Special thanks to Charles who will pick up our food tomorrow when we are several states away.