Over the past several weeks, we've noticed an accumulation of stuff in our front parking lot. And not an occasional beer bottle that fell out of someone's recycling bin. Weird stuff. Random stuff. Spread all over the parking area. And we have no idea how it's getting there.

The Scene
Our front lot holds maybe 6 or 7 cars, for residents and two Zip cars. Only two apartments have cars (us and someone else) though occasionally friends and visitors use the lot. Until this week, there have been snow banks along the edges of the lot, but the snow was just cleaned off the main parking area. This isn't snow that's been dumped from the street or elsewhere.

The backyard is surrounded by a chain link fence, with one entrance from a gate by our front door and one entrance from our building via the back stairs. Our grill is back there and in nice weather a couple of people keep bikes there. We have neighbors on all three sides (with our building making up the 4th side).

The stuff is scattered all over each area. It's not in a pile or a trail, it is widely dispersed.

The Characters
There are six one bedroom units in our building, and I believe they are all occupied right now. I believe we're the only married couple, so there are 7 people in the building. None seem crazy. On either side of us are typical Cambridge row houses right on the sidewalk. We're the only building set back from the street at all. The house to our left is a rental, and there's a newly installed beer pong table in the back yard, but we've never heard or seen any crazy parties over there. Behind us, there's a rental with multiple units as well, but they have a small yard too, so our building is pretty far away from theirs. There is an older lady that lives about 2 doors down that seems very nice, but I have seen her walking her dog ranting to herself.

The Stuff (found in the last week)

Parking Area:
1 to 2 cracked eggs, though we get eggs in the front fairly often
1 orange taper candle
1 unopened box of cherry flavored royal brand gelatin
3 de-veined and likely cooked jumbo shrimp
1 Doors cd
1 woman's high heel white shoe, size 8
1 small sample of Elizabeth Arden eye cream, looks full
1 square gray felt jewelry box with 2 pennies in it
1 package of 9 Grain Quick Loaf bread mix
1 large package of individually wrapped chocolate dipped drink stirrers
1 bottle of salad dressing (open, and about half full)
3-4 mini Christmas ornaments, a teddy bear, an angel, etc.

Kyle checked out the back yard after we found the shrimp in the front parking area, because that's just crazy. And turns out the backyard is the mother lode.
Back Yard:
1 Santana cd
7-8 different small bottles of perfume, mostly full. 1 smells pretty good.
2 carrots
2 cans of Beefaroni (unopened)
2 small baby food bottles (1 ham, 1 chicken, unopened)
2 small cans of mushrooms, sliced, unopened.
2 to 3 small vases
5 to 6 plastic wands? they look like longer lightsticks, or really thick fiber optic cable, each about 1 foot long
small plush snowman doll
1 small tube of epoxy mix, part A
1 beater (to go with a hand mixer)
1 pitcher lid, plastic
the matching size 8 white heel
1 mini ornament (bear riding candy cane skis)
1 snowman ornament
3 candles (like in small glass jars kind)
1 box of staples
1 serving spoon with holes
1 golf ball

He then peeked into the beer pong neighbor's yard and saw:
several nicer Christmas ornaments
1 sandal
1 clog
a few strewn cd's

What in the world?!? Internets, we need your help!