Over the past couple of days, the parking area collection has grown to include produce!

(Click on the picture to read the labels larger)

Man this just irritates me because there are people out there who could use some peppers and onions and lemons! Ugh.

However, note the sour cream. The angle of the spray indicates that it had to have been thrown fairly forcefully, and probably from some distance. I think if it had just been tossed or dropped, you'd have a puddle, not splatter like that. As you can see on the left of the picture, the neighboring house (where the beer pong table is) is very close, maybe too close for that kind of pattern.

So Kyle looked elsewhere. A ha!

This shows the three houses to our immediate left. Scattered over the nearest flat roof are more bits and pieces. There's a jar of sprinkles, a couple of ornaments, and some other stuff. Also note the ladder on the pitched roof beyond that. Do you think someone is climbing up on the roof at night and throwing things? And why would you do that?

However, the location seems good for hitting our front parking area, our back yard, and the beer pong yard. The height seems reasonable for the sour cream splatter and bell pepper explosion. This would also explain why we've never seen anyone on the property.

So how do we catch them? What's our plan of attack? Anyone want to join us on a stakeout?