Kyle's last day was a Tuesday, Singapore's National Day was that Thursday, and we left Singapore on Friday, August 10. As always, our DG really came through for us that week. On Tuesday, Germaine and Hamish and I ran our last errands and got dinner. On Wednesday, Kelvin and Ruth and Denise all came over to play with Hamish while Kyle and I did the final packing and shipping. Thursday was a national holiday, and the day that we usually had DG. So most of the group came over (we missed Tee and Reuben) for a last pizza dinner, to get some Hamish-holding in, to watch the National Day Parade and send us off. Bryan and Kris brought Hamish a Singapore flag in honor of her birth country and, as always, Bryan got some amazing pictures.

We've said it before, but we have been so blessed with our friends in Singapore and we will miss them.

With Eddy, Joy and Baby John.

We definitely made the most of our Haw Par apartment in our last 6 weeks!

Nigel and Hamish hang out and chat with Kyle and Amanda+baby.

Hamish is loving funny faces with Ke Hui and Kristin.

Posing with our fearless leaders. :)

After a great evening and a last Salvation Army run, we headed to bed to wake up at 3 am for our flight. Special (SPECIAL!!) mention belongs to Jonathan and Kim who came to Haw Par at 3:30 in the morning to help us get our 6 suitcases, 2 backpacks, and baby to the airport. I mean seriously! Wow!

We--and Hamish--have been so blessed to have these people in our lives!!

And then... on to the next big adventure. Starting with a 21 hour flight.