My last few days at work I had a few more send offs. First, James treated me on the Tuesday before our BBQ to a fabulous lunch burger from Luke's (Thanks James!):

Monday after our big BBQ, the boss took me out to a fancy lunch at Level 33.  This is a small brewery operation located on the 33rd floor of a building in the financial district.  I'd wanted to go there for a long time but just never made it, so I was happy when David suggested this for good-bye lunch.  I had a great steak sandwich here (not pictured).  As you can see from other pictures, the view makes the place (and the food and beer aren't half bad either!); (Thanks David!)-

Finally, the lab all took me out to Cedele (nice sandwich shop) for a big good bye on Tuesday, my final day of work at Duke. I had an excellent hamburger there (I guess my last few days in Singapore I was preparing my stomach for the meat it would likely encounter more often in the U.S.):

And of course good times with the lab.  Thanks Lab! Will miss you all.