The last 12 weeks have been a really crazy finale to a really great six years. Since Hamish has been born we've spent...

2.5 weeks in our Singapore Toa Payoh home
5.5 weeks in our temporary Singapore Haw Par apartment
1+ week in South Carolina
1+ week in Mississippi
1+ week in Tennessee (in three different homes!)

Yesterday was my first day back at work, and Sunday will be one full month that we've been living out of our car. Thankfully, we won't make it quite that far. On Saturday we will collapse move into our next landing spot: a friend's guesthouse for the next 7 weeks.

We have such good and hospitable friends and family, but I can't tell you how happy we'll be to no longer be living out of our trunk and our suitcases. But I also expect the reality of the international move to hit me about then. Honestly, I have fully expected to zip up my suitcase and fly back to Singapore any day now.

So our 6th anniversary video is a bit late--and not quite as creative as I might have hoped for--but this is the first time I've seen my computer's power cord in a month and I am still missing a memory card.


Year 61 from K+A on Vimeo.