Here we are on August 1, and there's good news and good news and bad news. Let's make a sandwich.

Good news #1
It's Mary Clark's birthday! Happy 3rd birthday Mary Clark! 
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Bad news
It's the first day of August in an odd numbered year. You know what that means? I spend the rest of the month avoiding cooking and heat in all forms. See, I have a rare disorder. In 2007 and 2009 I was afflicted in the right bicep. In 2011 it was my right leg. This is the year we break the cycle!! 

Good news #2
It's also the first day of the anniversary month! You know what that means? (I should quit asking that.) Wedding china!! We haven't been able to enjoy this tradition since 2008 (which means the tradition is only three years old), and I've been looking forward to this August since we unpacked our storage unit in November. Yay for wedding china.