Hamish was due to arrive June 7, which was right in the middle of a conference I've been working on since we moved to Singapore. So for that reason, I wasn't really in a hurry for her to get here. My colleagues all arrived on June 3 and were leaving on June 8, and I wanted to be able to show them Singapore. Thankfully, she cooperated.

Kyle and I played host every night that week: chili crab and durian on Sunday night; fish head curry on Monday night; Arab Quarter on Tuesday night; Wednesday and Thursday we worked, and we celebrated a successful event on satay street on Friday night. It was a great event and we had fun showing everyone Singapore.

By Saturday, though, the colleagues were gone and Kyle and I were ready for Hamish to arrive. So we did the only reasonable thing... we took lots of silly maternity pictures. Here we are two days past our due date and two days before I went into labor: