The last butternut squash has been used. I had so many great suggestions, and yet I made soup. I know. But I was in a soup mood; it was rainy all weekend. Plus I wanted to make something easy to freeze and thaw for Miss Lily's family.

This is once again a New England Soup Factory recipe made with butternut squash, tortillas, green chilies, cilantro, cheese, and chicken stock. It's a pureed soup, and Kyle and I loaded our bowls up with extra cheese, chips, and cilantro. Very, very good.

I have TWO more squash left. A round one from week 18 (the green globe in the top of the picture) and smallest of the crazy looking ones from week 17.

The big one is actually already chopped up, prepared for our Sunday Thanksgiving dinner with friends. I'm excited about this recipe, and I'll give you a hint. It might be soup again.