Christmas Eve sushi is one of our longest standing holiday traditions, and one that originated wholly with us. Neither of our families enjoys sushi on Christmas Eve (though Kyle's family does like holiday shrimp). This was our 8th year!

We were in Aiken for Christmas Eve, so we again joined friends at New Covenant for the Christmas Eve service. The kids enjoyed the songs and editorialized (without volume control) on everything else. I'm not sure if we'll be invited back. Yikes. One very kind man who had introduced himself when we first walked in did make a point to come over to us after the service and say how glad he was to have met the Manimal before the "show". He was very friendly, thankfully.

Then to Sakura for sushi. While both kids ate some good gyoza and yakitori, the Manimal also chowed down on maki. Yay.

We tried to break tradition and get a family shot (instead of just the across-the-table pictures). It didn't really work out. We also tried to have our usual conversations about the past year and our goals for the next year. That didn't really work out either. :) But we did enjoy the conversational stylings of our precious 2 year old and 4 year old.

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